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Name: Movadri Ould Mohamed
Age: 9 years old
Nationality: Mauritanian (Berber)
Special Circumstances
Movadri is the oldest of four children in a poor Muslim family living in Nouakchott, Mauritania. Her father, Nagid, works as a guardian, meaning he is paid to watch someone's house to make sure no one breaks in. The job does not pay enough to provide a decent living for the family so the KIDS Program has helped provide them with clothing and medical care. Recently we gave them a solar oven to help cut their monthly outlay for coal and propane.

Family History

Nagid grew up in the interior of Mauritania, where his ancestors were nomadic sheepherders. Like thousands of other Berber nomads he was forced to flee the desert because of years of relentless drought. These proud people yearn to return to the desert, but with no food for their animals there, they have become refugees in their own land. When Nagid first moved to Nouakchott he survived by hawking merchandise on the streets. While having a regular job has helped give the family more stability, they still live in a makeshift tent without running water or electricity. None of the children has received any formal education.