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Names: Goran and Gorjana Malbasic
Ages: three and one-year old
Nationality: Bosnian Serb
Family History
This little boy and girl are two casualties of the post-war hardships that continue in Bosnia. Their mother Drazenka and father Mlenko lost their home in the war and eventually divorced. So Drazenka and the children moved in with her widowed mother, Jelka, and her sister, Smljka, who live in a war-damaged house in the woods outside Drvar. The father has not visited or supported his family since the divorce. The family's only income is the mother's pension of about $20 per month, far short of their needs.

Special Circumstances

When KIDS staff first visited the home it had broken doors and windows, and old Army blankets covered the floors. They noticed that Gorjana's hands and face were blue while she was sleeping, and Drazenka's first request was for a blanket for the baby's crib. Through KIDS Fund, they have received food, clothing, candles and detergent. And recently, they were given doors, windows and rugs for their home by another humanitarian organization.
Although Goran receives much attention from his aunt and grandmother, there are no other children in the area to for him to play with.

Prayer Needs

For relationship with their father to be restored.
For fresh food to improve their diet and overall health.
For relationships with godly friends and other children.
For God to deliver them of their fears about the future.