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As KIDS becomes aware of a crisis situation, our first response is to seek the Lord in prayer. It is one of the most crucial aspects of our ministry and we place great value on hearing God's voice before we act. At present, the prayer focuses are as follows:

  • Mauritania:
    • Pray for the many malnourished children.
    • Opportunities to share God's love in this Moslim nation
  • Bosnia:
    • Healing of the trauma of war
    • Children of different ethnic groups to reconcile
    • The many fatherless children
    • Economic recovery of the families from the hardship of the most recent war
  • Leadership:
    • That God would call leaders to minister to children in crisis all around the world

Please relay to us any insights or wisdom that you have received in prayer over these issues by dropping us an email. Your prayers are greatly valued!