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Kids in Dire Situations (KIDS) is a program directed toward alleviating the suffering of the world's children. There are so many needy children whose hopes and dreams are being crushed by poverty and injustice. Hunger, child labor, poor health and discouragement affect millions of needy children. Our aim is to serve those children and families who have suffered from extreme social, economic or political circumstances.

Through KIDS, children participate in specially designed programs for a period of one to three years. The interventions include basic needs, nutrition, psycho-social care and education.

How can you touch the lives of these needy children? KIDS is different from traditional child-sponsorship programs in that it is not geared toward individual sponsorship. KIDS serves children within a community that have specific needs. You can sponsor the equivalent care of one child in the program. Each month you receive a report about your selected program and a child of the month profile. This way you'll see the result of your giving and become familiar with the children in the program.

Occasionally KIDS will organize field visits for donors to observe the importance of their support.