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Updates for Bosnia Child of the Month

August 1999 profile:

The Bajric Family
We received a postcard this week from Mijrsada and the children from Switzerland! They are living in Zurich and the immigration process is progressing smoothly. They have had wonderful support from their friends there. The children love Switzerland and are adjusting well to their new lives.

July 1999 profile:

Mijrlinda Quasim and Violetta Gashi
The second week of September, all forty of our Albanians (six families, 18 children and approx 22 adults) left on the journey to return to their homes in Kosovo. The KIDS program, in conjunction with SFOR, provided food for all the children and families on the two-day trip from Drvar to Sarajevo and from Sarajevo to Pristina. I was sad to see my "kids" go, but it is the best thing for them and it is exciting that they will be able to begin rebuilding their lives and looking towards the future.

May 1999 profile:

Stella and Anabella Hans
A few weeks ago, Stella and Anabella's older sister, Johana (who also has a two-year old daughter) was hired as a full time kitchen helper/cook, in the SFOR camp here in Drvar. She has worked a full week already and she absolutely loves it. It is the first job Johana has ever had, and it pays very well. She will make over 500 DM a month, and this will be an amazing help to support her family. We are all VERY excited about this development,especially seeing that the Hans family has been dependent on KIDS Program for almost everything for almost a year and a half.